FaQ for workshops for organisers!

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Summary descriptions:

Bikesexual: vegan DIY sextoys from recycled bicycle parts
Learn how to make a harness, handcuffs, a collar, a whip or just a bracelet or jewellery, all from broken bicycle parts, with simple techniques, to make your sex life as dirty, as cheap and as green as you like, and to go beyond the limits of what you can get in a sex shop. More info http://bikesexual.blogsport.eu

Bikesexual Upcycling workshop
DIY! Belts, earrings, bracelets, curtain-holders, foot mats, whatever we could need! Come with ideas, wishes, or your favourite bike part that unfortunately got broken, or just simple curiosity! More info http://bikesexual.blogsport.eu

Make your own permanent marker! see video for inspiration here: https://vimeo.com/64597796

For a GRRLS EDDING permanent marker workshop we will need: ink, tampons, empty deo roller bottles, paper tissues and plastic gloves. Some plastic bottles, containers we can take with us as well. And of course we are happy to screen the shortfilm at any festivals and bring the topic of menstruation in play.

Which materials will we need? (simply ask at the local bicycle workshops, and shops, service stations, that they collect them before, or collect it yourself, the participants can also bring them):

  • broken bicycle inner tubes
  • old bicycle chains (not rusty, but used, too long, broken etc)
  • spokes and nipples
  • gear/cog/sprockets: any simply metal rings (for harness) with the inner diameter ca. 4-7 cms
  • old racing bike tires and any other thin bicycle tires, for making belts

What else do we need:

  • Duct tape (black is the most important, other colours are nice too:)
  • for cleaning: rubber gloves (not latex), a bit of paint thinner (we don’t need a lot, a bit that we can put in a jar, so it doesn’t smell), old toothbrushes, old pieces of cloth, from bed-sheets or- covers or from old shirts for example, soap.
  • any kind of glittery, shiny, fancy stuff, old jewellery, half earrings, all kinds of kitsch:D
  • for belts and armbands: rivets, pushbuttons/snaps, old belt buckles (from broken, old belts, just cut them out), plastic buckles for harness.

We can bring with us:

  • some metal rings for harness
  • plastic buckles for harness, 2-4 cm wide
  • most important tools: for a sextoy workshop: Chain tools, locking pliers, hole punching pliers, universal pliers, cutters, scissors; for Upcycling workshop: rivets, snaps and tools needed for them.
  • a small box with bought and collected jewellery parts.
  • if there are tools at the place, or you’d like to buy them anyway, for example a vice, or like different kinds of pliers, hammers, scissors, screwdrivers etc., that’s great, then we don’t need to carry so much:)
  • for upcycling, a sewing machine is always nice to have (with polyester thread and a thick needle, all machines are suitable.

What kind of spaces are suitable? How long is a workshop and for whom and how many people is it?

  • We need water for cleaning, and we will make some mess and dirt. It’s important to have enough working space, tables and chairs, not too narrow space. We don’t need basically any electricity, or not necessarily (only maybe for a hot glue gun, or a sewing machine), but light yes please!:)
  • A workshop lasts min 2 hours, it’s good to have more time, so everyone can go home with something they actually finished, not just half done, or not just an idea or concept. Of course it can also be a whole weekend or a full week of open workshop space. The best timeframe for a Sextoy workshop or an Upcycling workshop is 3 or 4 up to 6 hours long, a nice afternoon or so. That means we ask if everyone could be more or less on time, and we stay longer if someone needs it, if it is possible, but of course anybody can come in just for a bit, to look, or just make something small. We can make workshops for 2 to 30 people.
  • Genderwise we are very happy to give workshops only to women, or only to transgender people, lesbians, intersexed people and women. We also make workshops open for all genders, but sextoy workshops only if the organisers also want to take care that there is no homophobia, transphobia and sexism during the workshop, so there is a safer space for crafting, talking and experimenting.

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