Do you want to have a sextoy workshop, or jewellery, upcycling workshop, or a permanent marker workshop at your group, institution, festival etc? See descriptions (in english, german, hungarian, with a list of things we need and what we can bring:-)

Coming workshops:

Past workshops:

  • GRRRLS EDDING film vernissage and workshop in Schenke, Vienna 18.05.2013
  • Workshop table in Schenke wird 3! Schenke has it’s 3rd birthday party! Vienna, 11.05.2013
  • Bikesexual is turning two! Sextoy workshop for Women, Lesbian, Transgender only, at BOKU, Vienna 25.04.2013
  • Merch and show(ing) of(f) our stuff at Frauenbandenfest in EKH 9. February (canceled)
  • 20. February 15-20h Sextoy Workshop in Loyata Land (Stumpergasse 45, Vienna)
  • 9. March Sextoy workshop in Marburg, Germany
  • Upcycling Days in Bikekitchen Vienna 15-16 Dezember 2012
  • Recycling Creativity Festival Berlin 2012 September
  • Ladyfest Freiburg 2012
  • LaDIYfest Berlin 2012
  • August 29 FahrRADhaus Wien, upcycling workshop
  • July 29th FahrRADhaus Wien, upcycling workshop, belts and jewellery
  • July 5th Budapest pride sextoy workshop for women and trans only
  • Sextoy workshop Juni 26, 16-20h, open only to Women, Lesbian, Transgender and Intersex only, Schenke, Pfeilgasse 33, Wien
  • Antifee festival Göttingen, Sextoy workshop 15.+16. Juni
  • Berlin Schwarzer Kanal sextoy workshop 13. Juni
  • Berlin be_cunt sexparty for ladyz* and trans, whip workshop 12.06.2012
  • Ladyfest Leipzig Sextoy workshop 9-10.6.2012
  • May 25-26, 13-20h, upcycling handcraft @ Yppenplatz 3, next to our little shop, at a crazy upcycling DIY streetfestival yeaaay!
  • Two days sextoy and jewellery workshop in Oldenburg, Germany, at the Autonomous Feministist Referat (Femref), 4-6 May.
  • Ladyfest Graz, Sextoy workshop, May 18-19.
  • Upcycling day in the Bikekitchen Vienna
    Location: Goldschlagstrasse 8, 1150 (next to Westbahnhof) Vienna, Austria
    Time: Saturday 13-18h, 19th of November 2011
    open for all genders
  • VI. Lesbian Identities Festival
    end of October 2011
  • Queer-feminist networking week
    Location: St Pölten, Austria
    Time: Friday, 23rd of September 2011
    open for all genders
  • International Cyclocamp in Ottensheim, near Linz, Austria (for women and trans only) 30.07.2011.
  • HomoBiTrans Action week Vienna university (open for all genders) 15.06.2011.
  • GRAS Vienna (for women and trans only) 13.05.2011

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  1. Maggi says:


    I am from the action, mond und sterne- organization team. The ams will be from the 23th to the 26th of May. In this four days we will have many workshops, theater plays, bands, music in the forest etc with about 600 visitors. We are also very interested in one of your workshops.
    I would be happy to hear from you,
    Best wishes,

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