Do you want to have a sextoy workshop, or jewellery, upcycling workshop, or a permanent marker workshop at your group, institution, festival etc? See descriptions (in english, german, hungarian, with a list of things we need and what we can bring:-)

Coming workshops:

Past workshops:

  • GRRRLS EDDING film vernissage and workshop in Schenke, Vienna 18.05.2013
  • Workshop table in Schenke wird 3! Schenke has it’s 3rd birthday party! Vienna, 11.05.2013
  • Bikesexual is turning two! Sextoy workshop for Women, Lesbian, Transgender only, at BOKU, Vienna 25.04.2013
  • Merch and show(ing) of(f) our stuff at Frauenbandenfest in EKH 9. February (canceled)
  • 20. February 15-20h Sextoy Workshop in Loyata Land (Stumpergasse 45, Vienna)
  • 9. March Sextoy workshop in Marburg, Germany
  • Upcycling Days in Bikekitchen Vienna 15-16 Dezember 2012
  • Recycling Creativity Festival Berlin 2012 September
  • Ladyfest Freiburg 2012
  • LaDIYfest Berlin 2012
  • August 29 FahrRADhaus Wien, upcycling workshop
  • July 29th FahrRADhaus Wien, upcycling workshop, belts and jewellery
  • July 5th Budapest pride sextoy workshop for women and trans only
  • Sextoy workshop Juni 26, 16-20h, open only to Women, Lesbian, Transgender and Intersex only, Schenke, Pfeilgasse 33, Wien
  • Antifee festival Göttingen, Sextoy workshop 15.+16. Juni
  • Berlin Schwarzer Kanal sextoy workshop 13. Juni
  • Berlin be_cunt sexparty for ladyz* and trans, whip workshop 12.06.2012
  • Ladyfest Leipzig Sextoy workshop 9-10.6.2012
  • May 25-26, 13-20h, upcycling handcraft @ Yppenplatz 3, next to our little shop, at a crazy upcycling DIY streetfestival yeaaay!
  • Two days sextoy and jewellery workshop in Oldenburg, Germany, at the Autonomous Feministist Referat (Femref), 4-6 May.
  • Ladyfest Graz, Sextoy workshop, May 18-19.
  • Upcycling day in the Bikekitchen Vienna
    Location: Goldschlagstrasse 8, 1150 (next to Westbahnhof) Vienna, Austria
    Time: Saturday 13-18h, 19th of November 2011
    open for all genders
  • VI. Lesbian Identities Festival
    end of October 2011
  • Queer-feminist networking week
    Location: St Pölten, Austria
    Time: Friday, 23rd of September 2011
    open for all genders
  • International Cyclocamp in Ottensheim, near Linz, Austria (for women and trans only) 30.07.2011.
  • HomoBiTrans Action week Vienna university (open for all genders) 15.06.2011.
  • GRAS Vienna (for women and trans only) 13.05.2011

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