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Neues Deutschland (report about the Recycling Creativity Festival 2012 Berlin)

“Rhetas workshop takes place in a small, bare room, tucked away on the upper floor of the house. The autumn wind whistles through the empty window frames, but the atmosphere is not uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the familiar context, because very few have found the way here, or dared to? Because here is a particular example of the transformation potential, what is possible to create out of commonly discarded things, materials regarded as waste. Experimenting with old bicycle parts. Rheta shows how thrown away tires, inner tubes, chain links and gears you can make sextoys. On the table are collars and bracelets, Harnesse, belts and whips. How she came to this idea, I want to know. Well, she wanted a toy, but had no money. “At that time I was repairing my bike and then I had this idea.” Rheta laughs. She speaks with a vehemence that is contagious. The words tumble, she looks dashing through between the black glass-frames. “I’m always looking for opportunities for my desires, and suddenly there’s a way.” Rheta convinced. Maybe it’s really true. Ways to try to go. Trial and error. A method of problem solving. It teaches children a lot. Playful. Is that what happened here?

“It’s about learning from each other, to find  another form of creativity.” Rheta takes me out of my thoughts. “It’s never how it is planned, when one creates something new. It bounces, it flows, you do not know before. It is versatile. And it’s messy. “Rheta’s terrace overlooks the edge of what is happening in the garden, laughing and rolling her eyes. “But this is the structure of things. You are doing something, and suddenly you see that can also work this way. “

Idealism and joy in life

Rheta speaks not only of bicycle parts. For her the creative practice comes together topics such as feminism, sustainability, veganism, solidarity. “That’s all there in my workshops.” But most importantly, she says, is that people have fun. “It’s a different way to talk about sex, if you make something yourself. But there is no pressure. People can also make a key-hanger. “”

Jedenact Kocek (11 cats) blog here and here

“maybe you think those jewels from bikesexual made from old bicycle parts are a little special, but I liked that they don’t just produce recycled accessories, but the connection to a wide range of social activities. organize workshops where you learn to make your own from unnecessary components something useful (ahem, stuff like jewelry). waive copyright, they share their knowledge and spread DIY principles to a wider public.”

„Was am Fahrrad ist nicht erotisch?“
Anschläge Interview: Das DIY-Projekt Bikesexual macht Sexspielzeug aus Fahrradschrott. Von LEA SUSEMICHEL

“Riding a bicycle is a symbol and a practice of independence. […] The antifeminist macho hetero-porno, that plays with the oppression of (first of all) women, uses therefore cars – the bigger, the louder, the better. These vehicles are the symbols of power, that I don’t find erotic at all. […] Imagine simply, how can two car drivers relate to each other, how much space, what possibilities are there? The best they can do is stay away from each other and from everything else. And how is that with cyclists? You can ride together, communicate, make a break, where and whenever you want. Distance and closeness, all is possible – like dancing.”

Rubberwoman 2011 original in hungarian, english translation here

“My first thoughts we that for sure I won’t bring this to my bed, when I looked at all the dirty inner tubes and greasy chains, moreover not to try them out with a brave lesbian, but later I realised somehow this isn’t even the main goal. Some motivated and some curious lesbians made piquant toys, or knocked down taboos so to speak, not to have someone else telling us what is an appropriate sexual behaviour or practice. The day before at the festival Dóra Mester Djamila sex-educator had a sentence that was great to hear: a pussy is considered either to be some sort of mystic door to heaven or a disgusting whatever, but we don’t have any ordinary idea about this bodypart. A pussy-idea that shows whats there without exaggeration, mystifying or euphemism. As if we were just looking at our hands of feet. […]”

DieStandard after the An.schläge publication

Heute magazin (austrian ‘metro’ magazine) 2011.

Media attention around the Budapest pride 2012:
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Asztroszex online magazine about sexuality

Vegan India among others used our summary of textiles and description sorted by vegan/non-vegan.

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