Photos from Berlin

Recycled Creativity Festival is happening since Saturday, and continues the next days with workshops, experiments, games, trash boat races and parties and exhibitions and everything you can imagine and more! Here is just a few of the things we did so far!

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Photo documentation

We were at the OERBM Österreichischer Radbotinnen Meisterschaften (Austrian Bicycle Messenger Championships) at Aspern Seestadt

Built a pedal powered washing machine with CACITA (who are this week in Berlin as well, yeah)

Did a workshop in Ladyfest Freiburg

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some updates:)


just a short update: we are terribly late with updates, photos and reviews, feedbacks of workshops, spaces and festivals like FahrRADhaus, or LaDIYfest Berlin and the Austrian Bicycle Messenger Championships! Summer and travels are often very overwhelming, antifeminist backlash is just one of the obstacles that appear on the way, limited time-resources, financial resources make the work harder or slower than we would wish and energy can be very low sometimes too, we need to rest sometimes (I guess?:). However, being on the road, givig workshops and meeting new people, getting and giving new ideas are always refreshing, even when exhausting and intense! So shortly will follow some photos I still owe:) in the meantime some of us are having a great time in Cyclocamp, in Leipzig, while others are collecting materials and the we’ll change locations/countries at least, and a crew will make the Bicycle Film Festival in Vienna more colourful, while another will go around Germany another round, Freiburg and Berlin, to join our forces again in Vienna and open a workshop space in a fix location with regular opening times!

stay tuned!:)

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Bikesexual @ Budapest pride

Tour de Bikesexuelle took a trip east as well, and gave a workshop at the Budapest pride. It was a bit terrifying, mostly because of the usual right wing, homophobic, transphobic and sexist insults and threats that surrounds Budapest pride since a few years now. The bikesexual workshop got also some (unwanted) attention from the hungarian online media, bicycle blogs, fashion sites and sex sites. It was a bit scary mainly cause, as usual, tabloid magazines tend to use catchy phrases, making exaggeration to the extent that any simply discussion can be called outrageous, pervert, abnormal etc. Interestingly, most of these articles starts with that, how unbelievably weird program, how not sexy they find grease on used bikeparts etc., then they go on with something like “we though it’s a joke” and then turn from this not writing any content, just making things sound crazy so they actually get a number of readers, so they turn to quoting the program or rephrasing, luckily not with much difference from what actually the program offers. Although it’s quite clear there is a serious lack of sexual education among the people writing about sexuality in the media (and elsewhere, btw.), not knowing at all what is transgender, forgetting to mention that the workshop is open only for women and transgender (or writing it’s for LGBT people which wasn’t even the case at all…), obviously not knowing what vegan is, or when they do, they don’t get that non-vegan, non-vegetarian people are also able and free to use vegan products, objects; and generally having the view that sextoys are limited to vibrators and dildos (phallocentric and penetration-centred view on sexuality, not to mention these toys are only supposed to penetrate women, and tendencially by men or for men’s pleasure). Also the general reaction is very male-sexuality centred (as in heterosexual, cis-man centred); I will not translate examples of these types of comments as reactions, as they are triggering and upsetting enough as a first read, and also because the point is not the actual single comments being sexist or heteronormative, rather than the whole picture of it.

Anyways, that was mainly the media, and the internet, and let’s not waste more time on the fact “there is someone wrong on the internet”:) The workshop was nice, cozy, and the whole Budapest pride (and the Eurogames before), finishing with the Pride march last Saturday, went down basically without any unwanted incident, the conflicts or arguments I witnessed were limited to loaded discussions and disagreements mainly among the LGBTIQ community (such as why there is a lack of acceptance of gay FTM transsexuals in the -cisgender dominated- gay male scene etc), there was no attack from outside, and the relatively few nazis, homophobes that tried to cause trouble during the Pride march were hardly even noticed because the police kept them really far away from us, and the only fights were therefore between these few nazis and the police. As a result 10 of the counter-demonstrators were arrested, and the police used apparently tear-gas to make them go away at the end.

After all it has been a fabulous week, with fabulous people, lots of discussions, and parties, rainbows and all that what belongs to Pride, and everything that doesn’t at least stayed outside of the fences, maybe next year it will stay at home! (homophobia belongs in the closet! I don’t care how you hate, just do it on your own, don’t bring it out to the streets, our kids might see it, it’s pervert!:)

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Report from Tour de Bikesexuelle 2012 Berlin & Göttingen

9 days, 3 cities, 4 workshops, ~100 participants.

so, I was so busy (and the battery of my laptop died, so no matter I had time during travelling) I didn’t finish to give feedback an update about the trips in Germany, Berlin and Göttingen.

Which is a shame because it was amazing! I went from Leipzig Ladyfest to Berlin, and gave workshops at be_cunt, a sexparty in Kreuzberg for lady_z and trans*, and in Schwarzer Kanal, a queerfeminist Wagenplatz (my favourite of all of them), where the same time the bike repair workshop was open. Both workshops were amazing, though unfortunately the first one it was very hot, and dark, which made it a bit difficult to work, but we managed, making lot’s of different whips, and some tried it out right there, live:) I even helped out someone who was in a desperate and urgent need of a whip (and couldn’t make it herself being handcuffed already:) The second, in Schwarzer Kanal was the same time while the bike workshop was open, which was nice, having a vice (schraubstock) and other random materials just there, it was very spontaneously organised, still it worked out quite well! I haven’t really made photos, for the usual reasons (privacy, intimacy, darkness, dirty hands etc), I just made photos at other places I visited and wanted to report on – because they are really cool! In any case, you visit Berlin, I highly recommend be_cunt even to just joining for a drink, or maybe more, if you feel like:) very transfriendly, and respectful crowd, nice place, great equipment! And for sure Schwarzer Kanal deserves a visit for sure! it’s a bit hard to find, but worth it! The bikeworkshop has their own blogsite, and is open Wednesdays!

Other than that, in Berlin, I mean there is sooooo much queerfeminist stuff I wish I could have stayed a few month! I guess I will visit again:) Anyways, I left some zines for making harnesses at Other nature (an alternative sexshop), where you can find vegan whips made by Anton Blume made from bicycle inner tubes and various materials for handle (among works from other diy designers, artists, such as the amazing Trouble-X, and vegan harness made from rubber (not bike inner tubes, I guess not recycled but I’m not sure) made by Sam, for quite fair prices. and lot’s of other stuff you usually find in sexshops, lubricants, condoms, dildos, vibrators etc, but also packers and breast binders for FTM, tombois, drag kings etc.:) Oh how I love Berlin!

I also visited the unique shop in north-Berlin, the Upcycling Fashion store. It’s an absolute unique place, it is a Pop-up store so far, but let’s hope they stay longer, it’s great idea, having different kinds of upcycling designs available in one place. We need one like that in Vienna too!

Then I went to Göttingen, to Antifee festival. They were totally professional in organising, and made a great program, and had again great vegan food everywhere! (of course in Berlin too, namm hmmm) It was less people in the workshop as in Leipzig (actually, that was better, it was way too much there), so at some point I had a bit of time to take some photos of working process finally:) And of the fabulous and totally mindblowing show of Mad Kate and the Tide. There were lot’s of great artists and activists there, I had unfortunately not much time to visit other workshops, even performances or parties, it’s a shame because they were probably all great.

My tour this time in Germany started with arriving in Leipzig and the first show I saw was a Burlesque made on the same day (!) in a workshop with something like 8-10 people (!) totally amazing, and the last performance I saw before I left Göttingen was Mad Kate and the Tide, that had burlesque elements and dancing and changing masks and identities and so on, and great music as well. Wow it was such a great time!

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two reminder: Houseverkauf noch heute und Workshop am Dienstag!

Houseverkauf beim Contramass and Naehsalon, Wien 1070, Neustiftgasse ecke Kellermanngasse
Im Juni gibts nen netten Markt im Nähsalon & der contraMASS Galerie. Mehr dazu findet ihr auf dem HouseVerkauf Blog.

Bikesexual: vegan DIY sextoys from recycled bicycle parts
Learn how to make a harness, handcuffs, a collar, a whip or just a
bracelet or jewellery, all from broken bicycle parts, with simple
techniques, to make your sex life as dirty, as cheap and as green as
you like, and to go beyond the limits of what you can get in a sex

Bikesexual: vegan DIY Sexspielzeuge aus kaputten Fahrradteilen
Lerne wie du ein Harness, Handfessel, Halsbänder, eine Peitsche oder
einfach nur ein Armband oder Schmuck machen kannst, alles von kaputten
Fahrradteilen und mit einfachen Techniken, sodass dein Sexleben
genauso schmutzig, günstig und umweltfreundlich ist wie Du es willst;
das Ganze weit über die Grenzen jeglicher Sexshopangebote.

Schenke, Pfeilgasse 33, Wien
Juni 26. die*nstag, ab 16 bis 20 Uhr.
open for Transgender, Intersex, Dykes and Women only, in english and german
offen nur für Transgender, Intersex, Lesben und Frauen, auf englisch und deutsch

mehr info, fotos:

DIY trashdesign

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Goodbye Leipzig – hello Berlin!

It was a great workshop in Leipzig, with something like twice as much participants as it should have maximum be, but we managed somehow:)
It was such a nice athmosphere, and a great festival with workshops and films and concerts, amazing people and a wonderful punk-DIY city, so much vegan food! We could just get vegan cake on saturday night around the corner… and vegan burgers… oh it was so nice! I miss it already, although I only left a few hours ago… I am now in Berlin, and tomorrow and the day after I do workshops here again! Come by to either or both if you are around! It’s gonna be great!

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short message from Leipzig, Tour de Bikesexuelle 2012

So I am just in Leipzig now and it’s a great place to be, and during Ladyfest it’s even better. There are great places and great people around, amazin workshops and music progam! I am giving a sextoy workshop tomorrow, then on tuesday at be_cunt sexparty in Berlin, on wednesday in Schwarzer Kanal at the bikeworkshop (also in Berlin), then on next saturday in Göttingen at Antifee festival. It’s a full program, very stressful but at the same time it’s so much fun!! After that, heading back to Vienna and producing and producing for a few days non-stop, because then there is a market in the 7. district in Vienna. So much fun! I’ve gotta go back to the concerts:) see ya all!

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An.schläge makes interview with Bikesexual

Lea Susemichel made an interview with me for the An.schläge feminist magazine. The whole interview is in german, maybe later when I get a break I will have time to translate it. It’s about the principles of the project, how it started, what things we are doing, most of it is already here and there in different posts on the blog:) There is also some funny extra stuff like for example elaborating on the connections between feminist cyborg theories, reusing bike parts to make sextoys and the anticapitalist symbolism of zombies and eating up waste-society! And also comparing cars to macho sexist behaviour and oppression and heteronormative oppressing and bad quality pornography; on the other hand drawing the parallels between riding bikes and dancing🙂 And of course that feminist, self-conscious and self-empowered people are better in sex! Wow, I’m so excited about this! I finally know what to say when a macho bikefreak sexist person will try to show off his* talents, tools or whatever and be cool, I can compare him* to a car or an SUV, cause it’s so true, cars are used as power symbols, just as macho sexist behaviour. I don’t know how I haven’t thought about this before, it’s so clear now!

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Bikesexual needs space

We have been looking for a workshop space in Vienna the last year non-stop, without any luck, it’s time to take the second step and shout it out what we want and how we imagine it to run and what for anyways! (diese Post ist verfügbar auf Deutsch)

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