Bikesexual in Berlin Vegane Kollektiv

We sent finally a package to the newly opened  Veganladen Kollektiv in Neukölln, and in a very few days it should be there! Apart from the usual vegan stuff, like belts, bracelets, necklaces and earrings there are also sextoys and new things, it’s also a premier of a new whip collection with one piece for now, made with brake cable housing! More photos of the collection coming soon! stayed tuned for new designs:) And for all those Berliner folks: don’t forget we are also in Other Nature alternative sexladen, and for any special wishes, orders etc. you contact them or directly us at bikesexual[at]riseup[dot]net and we make and send you your deepest secret wishes!:) just whisper in our mailboxes:)

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Win a Bikesexual belt, wristband/bracelet or earring now!:)

And the winners are:)

A pair of bicycle earrings goes toooo Barbara Lamoot,
Wristband goes to Yvetta Flack,
And the belt goes toooooo FemRef Oldenburg!
aaand Comot Bewegungskulturen gets a very very special gift for knowing the real true meaning of upcycling: Hanging pieces of trash on the wall and calling it “art”:) they will get a sextoy of their choice: a fancy flogger? handcuffs made from biicycle chain? A harness or thigh harness?

let us know your addresses, where to send it, size wishes and have a merry merry worldend on friday:)

Vote here: or if you don’t have facebook write us an email to bikesexual[at] until 17. of December!
We are going to play a “raffle” game, and among those who answer correctly (until 17.dec) we will draw a belt (as first price), a bracelet (as second) and an earring (as third) / Wir spielen jetzt eine Verlosung, und unter denen die der folgende Frage korrekt beantworten (bis 17. dez) werden wir ein Gürtel (als 1. preis), eine Armband (als 2.) und eine Ohrringe (als 3.) verlosen: What does upcycling refer to, where does the expression comes from? / Was ist Upcycling, woher kommt dieses Begriff?
Regulating the menstrual cycle… or
Hanging pieces of trash on the wall and calling it “art”… or
Converting discarded, waste materials into new products of a higher quality…or
Going with a bicycle up on a hill or mountain.
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Upcycling Tagen in Bikekitchen Wien 15-16. dezember

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what we need at the moment (apart from the usual stuff:)

we are working on a project that should be ready around middle or end of january, the details are secret, but the materials used are clear, and we need a lot of it, so we ask you to collect, and ask your friends, friends of the friends, your school teacher, your boss, at your favourite soups kitchen or restaurant, your customers and their friends, mothers and sisters and everyone around you know:


The next two months, so about november and december, please collect for us any amount  of any kind of colour and type of nets like these. It can be white, and probably many will be, because usually it is, it can be of any colour. Bags used for onions of potatoes usually have much much bigger holes, the garlic bags are finer, plastic nets, sometimes the same are still used in onions, like purple onion or things like that. It is all fine, it can be broken, whatever. We need it all:)

Collection  places are so far: Schenke, Pfeilgasse 33 (at the bar, Monday and Thursday 16-20, Wednesday 10-13, and Tuesday 16-20h for Women*, Lesbian, Intersex and Transgender only) and in Tüwi, Monday-Friday 9:00-22:00 (or later) at Peter-Jordan strasse 76, next to the Türkenschanzpark. At both places ask/leave it at the bar for us:) More collection places are coming soon. If you collect a lot of it, we can arrange a pick up as well in december (within Vienna), just contact us.

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6. november Tuesday (17-21h) yppenplatz 5.

Reminder: Tomorrow from 17h is the Long night of Jewellery art in Vienna, and we are guest for the day in Yppig shop, at Yppenplatz 5. Come visit us, we are presenting and selling upycled vegan jewellery and you can also make your own on the spot!
morgen ab 17uhr ist Lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst, wir sind in 16. Bezirk, Yppenplatz, in die Yppig geschäft als Gäst für die Tage. Schau vorbei: Upcycled vegan Schmuck verkauf und selber Basteln!
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Media attention after RecyclingCreativityFestival 2012

“Rhetas workshop takes place in a small, bare room, tucked away on the upper floor of the house. The autumn wind whistles through the empty window frames, but the atmosphere is not uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the familiar context, because very few have found the way here, or dared to? Because here is a particular example of the transformation potential, what is possible to create out of commonly discarded things, materials regarded as waste. Experimenting with old bicycle parts. Rheta shows how thrown away tires, inner tubes, chain links and gears you can make sextoys. On the table are collars and bracelets, Harnesse, belts and whips. How she came to this idea, I want to know. Well, she wanted a toy, but had no money. “At that time I was repairing my bike and then I had this idea.” Rheta laughs. She speaks with a vehemence that is contagious. The words tumble, she looks dashing through between the black glass-frames. “I’m always looking for opportunities for my desires, and suddenly there’s a way.” Rheta convinced. Maybe it’s really true. Ways to try to go. Trial and error. A method of problem solving. It teaches children a lot. Playful. Is that what happened here?

“It’s about learning from each other, to find  another form of creativity.” Rheta takes me out of my thoughts. “It’s never how it is planned, when one creates something new. It bounces, it flows, you do not know before. It is versatile. And it’s messy. “Rheta’s terrace overlooks the edge of what is happening in the garden, laughing and rolling her eyes. “But this is the structure of things. You are doing something, and suddenly you see that can also work this way. ”

Idealism and joy in life

Rheta speaks not only of bicycle parts. For her the creative practice comes together topics such as feminism, sustainability, veganism, solidarity. “That’s all there in my workshops.” But most importantly, she says, is that people have fun. “It’s a different way to talk about sex, if you make something yourself. But there is no pressure. People can also make a key-hanger.”

Original, full text in German




Foto: Joel Vogel
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Innovationstage/Innovationdays done:)

Dear friends! Bikesexual got the 4. place at the Innovation award in the category projects in the city of Vienna. Thank you for all the people and groups who supported us at the voting or support us in different ways, and thanks for the whole organisation of an amazing weekend!

Other than that, congratulations and good luck for the two winners: in the category International Exchange the first price is for an amazing and important project called Afrique Europe Interact, in the category projects in the city of Vienna, the project called Das Bäckerei got the first price. Moreover, important to mention, is the second price in the category International Exchange, is for the last years Queer-feminist network meeting, that took place in St Pölten, where one of us Bikesexualz put a lot of energy into the organising, and where we did a workshop as well. It was anyway a really nice weekend, wish there was more like that, with exchange, networking between artists, activists, and artivists and mixture of people working in autonom politics and cultural, artistic fields.

Also, liebe Menschen! Bikesexual hat 4. platz beim Innovationspreis Projekte in der Stadt Wien! Vielen danke für alle die uns unterstützt haben und unterstützen, und für das ganze Wochenende für alle Organisator_innen und Mitmacher_innen!

Ausserdem, und auf jeden fall merkswürdig, es gab voll viele unterstützenswerte Projekte, und Gratulationen für die zwei Preisträger_innen: Afrique Europe Interact in Internationale Projekten, und Das Bäckerei in der Wiener projekten!:) Übringens, die zweite Platz in Internationale Projekten hat die Queer-feministische vernetzungstreffen von lätztes Jahr, wo eine von uns Bikesexuals hat voll viel mitgemacht auch in der Organisation, und es gab auch ein Bikesexual workshop und ausstellung dabei! Nettes wochenende war es, auf jeden fall! Es wäre schon mehr oft austausch haben zwischen Künstler_innen, Aktivist_innen (“Artivisit_innen”), zwischen Leute und Gruppen die in Autonome Politik, Kultur und Kunst arbeiten.

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Everything and more on 19-21. oktober

In a few days from now, on friday 19. october Vienna will celebrate the 20th birthday of Critical Mass. A bunch of people – taking shifts and having meeting points etc. – will ride 20 hours long in Vienna, while others will make party, drink and/or give out solischnaps, and play tombola and fun bike games at the Innovationstage exhibition opening party, next to Yppenplatz, organised by IG Kultur Wien in collaboration Five seasons.

Bikesexual is taking part – with several other great projects – in the exhibition that opens at 18h in Moe, in Thelemanngasse, and on Saturday, 20th of october, from 18-20h we will give a workshop to make sextoys and belts and jewellery and whatever you want, open for all gender benders, at the same address.

We know, of course, that there is great stuff happening on the same weekend as well (some of it we’ll sadly have to miss, hopefully not everything), we hope you have the time to come and have a look at the exhibition on one of the evenings (it is open for visitors friday, saturday and sunday afternoon and evening).

so, on Thursday prepare your bike in Bikekitchen in Goldschlagstrasse from 16:00 until whenever you are ready at night. On friday at 16:00 meeting at Schwarzenbergplatz and start riding 17:00, around 20:00 or 20:30 or so meet or join the ride at Yppenplatz, or join the party, win prices on the Tombola, ride the Rodeo bike, turn the wheel of lucky schnaps, and/or join the Critical Mass every 2 hours or join the party from there later. You can get some sleep anyway after the ride, before the workshop, in between, what else do you want?:)

See you on the roads!

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Bikesexual @ Frauenforscherin und Innovationspreis ’12

The project Bikesexual introduces itself this year in the Frauenforscherin (information-booklet put together and edited by the Women’s referat at the Universit of Vienna), and in the Innovation-price ’12 organised by the IG Kultur Wien, an organisation supporting cultural activities in Vienna.

Are you a member of it? Do you want to support a queer-feminist, independent project, so we are one step closer to open a Workshop-space open for anyone, who would like to make themselves something, strictly vegan, and basically made from trash? Do you want to suppot a project that was initiated by people with a non-western background? Do you want to support a project that works on reducing the amount of trash we produce and promote alternative ways of living, creating and learning, at the same time doing trash-reduction using simple methods and the least possible amount of energy and water?

We also going to party in moe, and prepare some surprises, as well as give a workshop on saturday, as it seems like now:) More info coming soon. Details for the election process (in german) from the IG Kultur website here:

Seit dem 01. Oktober kann der Innovationspreis .12 gewählt werden.
Die IG Kultur Wien dankt allen Einreicher*innen für ihre Teilnahme. Insgesamt wurden 65 Projekte eingereicht, darunter 52 in der Kategorie „Projekte der Stadt Wien“ und 13 in der Kategorie „Internationaler Austausch“.
Auch heuer wird es wieder einen Katalog mit allen eingereichten Projekten geben.
Von Festivals aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen, Theater- und Performanceproduktionen, Raumprojekten, Designkunst bis hin zu Projekten mit queer*feministischen und sozialpolitischen Inhalten wurden viele Projekte eingereicht, welche die Vielfalt und Kreativität der Wiener Kunst- und Kulturszene widerspiegeln
Vom 19. bis 21. Oktober werden die Innovationstage in der mo.ë stattfinden.
Rund um das Preisverleihungsevent, das am 21. Oktober stattfinden wird, wird es ein Rahmenprogramm und eine Ausstellung geben. Der diesjährige thematische Schwerpunkt ist “Perspektiven autonomer und freier Kulturarbeit”. Die Gewinner*innen des Innovationspreises werden über ein partizipatives Wahlverfahren ermittelt und am dritten Tag bekanntgegeben.

Mehr info zum Wahlverfahren:

Continue reading

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Some great upcycling/radical DIY artists

One the right side panel of this site, you might have seen the section of “sister projects”. These are mainly projects we took part of, helped out, or admire from a distance, take inspiration from, support or get supported by etc. Sort of networking similar and related projects together. As the project of Bikesexual grows and becomes more and more international, this list is growing, it might become a separate page for external links, organised under different topics, so it’s not so chaotic. Anyway for now, I just saw an amazing video statement of an artist from Los Angeles, found it totally accidentally, and it motivated me to just highlight and propagate some amazing and very unique artists, who also make a political statement with their works, and whom, and whose work I highly appreciate therefor.

Right now I can think of three I know or know of, that work in a similar DIY, recycling/upcycling (or something like that), handmade and queerfeminist/radical frame: two based in Berlin, and now this girl in LA.

And of course there are activists who do handcraft, make DIY stuff as well, but that’s not their main thing, and their creativity and awareness is very important too! There are also lot’s of artists and handcrafters and artprojects somehow surrounding political and politicised spaces, collectives and so on, but somehow the content and the aim of the art often looses or never even tries to own this politicised side of it, just ends up using infrastructure, materials, tools, knowledge, space etc, because it’s available (meaning: easy to find, access, cheap or for free). There is of course nothing wrong with that, that’s why there is this infrastructure to be used. However, combining political principles, messages, putting them in an art object, which is also very often something useable and not just a piece to be locked in a museum and never to be touched again – wow that’s agency (ahm..vermittlung), and that’s a great way to live and promote alternative ways of living, not (only) with negative statements of what is wrong, but creating something else instead.

So also because of this, also because they do great stuff, I really really recommend: Anton Blume who makes vegan whips (available for example in Other Nature in Berlin); Yori Gagarim who makes TroubleX, graphic design, silk screen printing and so on with great queerfeminist stuff. And Caro, who writes on her site

“This series addresses class codes, power dynamics, reclaimed agency, and ecological responsibility. The traditional chandelier is seen as a bourgeois commodity, a cachet of affluence, excess, and as such power. The recycled bicycle parts become a representation of the dismissed, invisible, and powerless, but are also an affirmation of self-propelled movement. The bicycle chandelier thereby creates a new third meaning of reclaimed agency.
These Subversive objects challenge the aesthetics of wealth by visually contrasting the classic elegance of the candelabrum with the newfound elegance of discarded, mechanical bicycle parts. Also, as objects made from existing materials they challenge the necessity of the new.
CONNECT is a metaphor of potentiality in collectivity. It imagines what is possible with each unique chandelier form.”

see also a nice video with her:

Handmade Portraits: Chain Reaction from Etsy on Vimeo.

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