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Photos from Berlin

Recycled Creativity Festival is happening since Saturday, and continues the next days with workshops, experiments, games, trash boat races and parties and exhibitions and everything you can imagine and more! Here is just a few of the things we did so far!

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Photo documentation

We were at the OERBM Österreichischer Radbotinnen Meisterschaften (Austrian Bicycle Messenger Championships) at Aspern Seestadt

Built a pedal powered washing machine with CACITA (who are this week in Berlin as well, yeah)

Did a workshop in Ladyfest Freiburg

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some updates:)

just a short update: we are terribly late with updates, photos and reviews, feedbacks of workshops, spaces and festivals like FahrRADhaus, or LaDIYfest Berlin and the Austrian Bicycle Messenger Championships! Summer and travels are often very overwhelming, antifeminist backlash is just one of the obstacles that appear on the way, limited time-resources, financial resources make […]

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Bikesexual @ Budapest pride

Tour de Bikesexuelle took a trip east as well, and gave a workshop at the Budapest pride. It was a bit terrifying, mostly because of the usual right wing, homophobic, transphobic and sexist insults and threats that surrounds Budapest pride since a few years now. The bikesexual workshop got also some (unwanted) attention from the […]

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Report from Tour de Bikesexuelle 2012 Berlin & Göttingen

9 days, 3 cities, 4 workshops, ~100 participants.
so, I was so busy (and the battery of my laptop died, so no matter I had time during travelling) I didn’t finish to give feedback an update about the trips in Germany, Berlin and Göttingen.
Which is a shame because it was amazing! I went from Leipzig Ladyfest […]

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two reminder: Houseverkauf noch heute und Workshop am Dienstag!

Houseverkauf beim Contramass and Naehsalon, Wien 1070, Neustiftgasse ecke Kellermanngasse
Im Juni gibts nen netten Markt im Nähsalon & der contraMASS Galerie. Mehr dazu findet ihr auf dem HouseVerkauf Blog.

Bikesexual: vegan DIY sextoys from recycled bicycle parts
Learn how to make a harness, handcuffs, a collar, a whip or just a
bracelet or jewellery, all from broken bicycle […]

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Goodbye Leipzig – hello Berlin!

It was a great workshop in Leipzig, with something like twice as much participants as it should have maximum be, but we managed somehow:)
It was such a nice athmosphere, and a great festival with workshops and films and concerts, amazing people and a wonderful punk-DIY city, so much vegan food! We could just get vegan […]

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short message from Leipzig, Tour de Bikesexuelle 2012

So I am just in Leipzig now and it’s a great place to be, and during Ladyfest it’s even better. There are great places and great people around, amazin workshops and music progam! I am giving a sextoy workshop tomorrow, then on tuesday at be_cunt sexparty in Berlin, on wednesday in Schwarzer Kanal at the […]

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An.schläge makes interview with Bikesexual

Lea Susemichel made an interview with me for the An.schläge feminist magazine. The whole interview is in german, maybe later when I get a break I will have time to translate it. It’s about the principles of the project, how it started, what things we are doing, most of it is already here and there […]

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Bikesexual needs space

We have been looking for a workshop space in Vienna the last year non-stop, without any luck, it’s time to take the second step and shout it out what we want and how we imagine it to run and what for anyways! (diese Post ist verfügbar auf Deutsch)

We want to have an open/semi-open upcycling workshop, […]

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