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Bikesexual in Berlin Vegane Kollektiv

We sent finally a package to the newly opened  Veganladen Kollektiv in Neukölln, and in a very few days it should be there! Apart from the usual vegan stuff, like belts, bracelets, necklaces and earrings there are also sextoys and new things, it’s also a premier of a new whip collection with one piece for […]

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Win a Bikesexual belt, wristband/bracelet or earring now!:)

And the winners are:)
A pair of bicycle earrings goes toooo Barbara Lamoot,
Wristband goes to Yvetta Flack,
And the belt goes toooooo FemRef Oldenburg!
aaand Comot Bewegungskulturen gets a very very special gift for knowing the real true meaning of upcycling: Hanging pieces of trash on the wall and calling it “art”:) they will get a sextoy […]

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Upcycling Tagen in Bikekitchen Wien 15-16. dezember

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what we need at the moment (apart from the usual stuff:)

we are working on a project that should be ready around middle or end of january, the details are secret, but the materials used are clear, and we need a lot of it, so we ask you to collect, and ask your friends, friends of the friends, your school teacher, your boss, at your favourite […]

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6. november Tuesday (17-21h) yppenplatz 5.

Reminder: Tomorrow from 17h is the Long night of Jewellery art in Vienna, and we are guest for the day in Yppig shop, at Yppenplatz 5. Come visit us, we are presenting and selling upycled vegan jewellery and you can also make your own on the spot!
morgen ab 17uhr ist Lange Nacht der Schmuckkunst, wir […]

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Media attention after RecyclingCreativityFestival 2012

“Rhetas workshop takes place in a small, bare room, tucked away on the upper floor of the house. The autumn wind whistles through the empty window frames, but the atmosphere is not uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the familiar context, because very few have found the way here, or dared to? Because here […]

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Innovationstage/Innovationdays done:)

Dear friends! Bikesexual got the 4. place at the Innovation award in the category projects in the city of Vienna. Thank you for all the people and groups who supported us at the voting or support us in different ways, and thanks for the whole organisation of an amazing weekend!
Other than that, congratulations and good […]

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Everything and more on 19-21. oktober

In a few days from now, on friday 19. october Vienna will celebrate the 20th birthday of Critical Mass. A bunch of people – taking shifts and having meeting points etc. – will ride 20 hours long in Vienna, while others will make party, drink and/or give out solischnaps, and play tombola and fun bike […]

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Bikesexual @ Frauenforscherin und Innovationspreis ’12

The project Bikesexual introduces itself this year in the Frauenforscherin (information-booklet put together and edited by the Women’s referat at the Universit of Vienna), and in the Innovation-price ’12 organised by the IG Kultur Wien, an organisation supporting cultural activities in Vienna.
Are you a member of it? Do you want to support a queer-feminist, independent […]

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Some great upcycling/radical DIY artists

One the right side panel of this site, you might have seen the section of “sister projects”. These are mainly projects we took part of, helped out, or admire from a distance, take inspiration from, support or get supported by etc. Sort of networking similar and related projects together. As the project of Bikesexual grows […]

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