Upcoming workshops!

After a bit of a summer break we are on the road again! This weekend in Düsseldorf, at Togetherfest we will get down to the dirty business again, we will make sextoys, jewellery and whatever else we feel like out of used, broken bicycleparts!

And then a month later, in Mainz, at Ladyfest, on the 7th of September we’ll do the same, and 8th of September, sunday in Bern, in Switzerland at the Trans*tagung Schweiz!
Busy days!

See you hopefully at some of the locations! In between and from september on, we are busy at our workshop space in Vienna, so if you are there, and feel like making something, don’t hesitate to write us or come at the opening times (from cca. middle of september, we are regularly and reliably open, until then, you make an appointment, because it’s officially summer break:))) And of course our stuff can be seen and bought at Yppenplatz 3, Wednesday to Friday 16-19, Saturdays 10-14h.

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