Cyclocamp in Rome

24. May 2013to2. June 2013

Six days at the Cyclocamp (24th – 29th of May) + Ciemmona (31st may- 2nd June)

The Cyclocamp will focus on cyclo-mechanic workshops, welding and other do-it-yourself practices, in order to give the opportunity to all the participants to learn from other Bike Kitchens and contaminate our practices, besides having fun. We aim at interconnecting with similar projects, learning from other experiences and creating a knowledge network that should be spread as much as our trips and projects.
The Cyclocamp is completely self-organized, there will not be any leading structure which will drive the organization and it will be developed out of any economic scheme. Possibly expenses for the purchase for materials and/or equipments will be shared. The Roman People’s Bike Kitchen will make available their spaces for the potential workshop proposed. Moreover, itinerant workshops in several roman Bike Kitchens will be organized in order to show the variegate realities in which we operate.
The main area of the Cyclocamp (CSOA Ex Snia Viscosa) is free of charge and self-organized: everyone is asked to be self-responsible and each contribution to the organization will be decided collectively. Bring your ideas, your practices, a tent and a sleeping bag. All the rest will be built all together.

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