Finally! A list of trash stuff we usually use, with photos:)

Finally! We finally managed to put together a simple list of stuff we collect and make things out of! Some things are for sextoys, some are for belts and jewellery relevant only, so we don’t need everything and in the same big amounts for each and every workshop, but it gives a general picture. And most importantly, with photos, to give some orientation of what all these strange bicycle expressions are (for now in german, tomorrow is another day…) and how does all this stuff actually looks like! This version is made for Bike workshops in Vienna, so they know what to collect for us, so we don’t get our hands cut and dirty by going through the mixed metal trash the whole time:) And we are soon 2 years old (the project I mean) and there will be stuff happening! 😀 Stay tuned!

Download the pdf here!

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