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Happy new Bikesexual year! We have been working hard over the christmas season, to our last muscles and bones (literally) and are back with news and new energy and new ideas after our winter sleep:)

There are so many things I don’t even know where to start!

First of all we are open every Monday during university times (so for example in February not) in the Haus der Studierende in Peter Jordan strasse 76, 2. floor, over the Student Union offices, in a self organised space. We have our tools and some materials there, sewing machines, textile as well, bike parts and all kinds of collected gliterry trash. So come by on a Monday between 15 and 20h! Other times, visits are also possible, just write us an email, we are often there anyways!

Second (although maybe it’s more amazing and exciting than everything else!) we are back starting with february in Yppenplatz 3, in Vienna in the Siebdruckeria showroom, this time also with sextoys, and the opening times are wider than in the summer, Wednesday to Friday 16-19h, Saturdays 10-14h (and as it gets warmer usually longer on saturday afternoons). With this it’s the first vegan sextoy showroom in Vienna (even if you can get other sexy and useful things like shirts and jewellery, and upcycled jackets and skirts and childrens wear and Zapatist caffee. What else do you need in life anyway?:) We are personally there usually on Fridays, every now and then Thursday or Saturday as well (or instead). We also going to give safer sex tips, get infomaterials for where to get tested for STD and STI in Vienna, what toys not to buy or not use without a condom/barrier/prevention, and hopefully get and give a better overview on all the vegan toys and nonvegan toys and sexual and daily accessories that are out there. Or just discuss random stuff all the time. Probably somewhere in between:)

We are also present in the faboulus Other Nature alternative Sexshop in Berlin Kreuzberg, and the amazing Veganladen Kollektiv in Berlin Neukölln.

Last but not least: DIY, aka do it yourself to do yourself and others:) On the 9. February in EKH in the 10. district in Vienna we will have a table on the Frauenbanden Fest (womyn only) to show all the stuff you can make yourself to do yourself and others with, and some time in the near future a workshop in EKH as well. And then, we are planning some workshops, in Vienna we give a sextoy workshop on the 20. february in the 6. district between Mariahilfer strasse and Gumpendorfer, in Stumpergasse 45, at the amazing shop and studio/atelier of Loyata Land, then 9. March in Marburg in Germany, then later end of spring and summer probably Germany and if things work out more west and north touring a bit:)

It’s going to be a hot Bikesexual year in 2013!

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