Win a Bikesexual belt, wristband/bracelet or earring now!:)

And the winners are:)

A pair of bicycle earrings goes toooo Barbara Lamoot,
Wristband goes to Yvetta Flack,
And the belt goes toooooo FemRef Oldenburg!
aaand Comot Bewegungskulturen gets a very very special gift for knowing the real true meaning of upcycling: Hanging pieces of trash on the wall and calling it “art”:) they will get a sextoy of their choice: a fancy flogger? handcuffs made from biicycle chain? A harness or thigh harness?

let us know your addresses, where to send it, size wishes and have a merry merry worldend on friday:)

Vote here: or if you don’t have facebook write us an email to bikesexual[at] until 17. of December!
We are going to play a “raffle” game, and among those who answer correctly (until 17.dec) we will draw a belt (as first price), a bracelet (as second) and an earring (as third) / Wir spielen jetzt eine Verlosung, und unter denen die der folgende Frage korrekt beantworten (bis 17. dez) werden wir ein Gürtel (als 1. preis), eine Armband (als 2.) und eine Ohrringe (als 3.) verlosen: What does upcycling refer to, where does the expression comes from? / Was ist Upcycling, woher kommt dieses Begriff?
Regulating the menstrual cycle… or
Hanging pieces of trash on the wall and calling it “art”… or
Converting discarded, waste materials into new products of a higher quality…or
Going with a bicycle up on a hill or mountain.
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