what we need at the moment (apart from the usual stuff:)

we are working on a project that should be ready around middle or end of january, the details are secret, but the materials used are clear, and we need a lot of it, so we ask you to collect, and ask your friends, friends of the friends, your school teacher, your boss, at your favourite soups kitchen or restaurant, your customers and their friends, mothers and sisters and everyone around you know:


The next two months, so about november and december, please collect for us any amount  of any kind of colour and type of nets like these. It can be white, and probably many will be, because usually it is, it can be of any colour. Bags used for onions of potatoes usually have much much bigger holes, the garlic bags are finer, plastic nets, sometimes the same are still used in onions, like purple onion or things like that. It is all fine, it can be broken, whatever. We need it all:)

Collection  places are so far: Schenke, Pfeilgasse 33 (at the bar, Monday and Thursday 16-20, Wednesday 10-13, and Tuesday 16-20h for Women*, Lesbian, Intersex and Transgender only) and in Tüwi, Monday-Friday 9:00-22:00 (or later) at Peter-Jordan strasse 76, next to the Türkenschanzpark. At both places ask/leave it at the bar for us:) More collection places are coming soon. If you collect a lot of it, we can arrange a pick up as well in december (within Vienna), just contact us.

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