some updates:)


just a short update: we are terribly late with updates, photos and reviews, feedbacks of workshops, spaces and festivals like FahrRADhaus, or LaDIYfest Berlin and the Austrian Bicycle Messenger Championships! Summer and travels are often very overwhelming, antifeminist backlash is just one of the obstacles that appear on the way, limited time-resources, financial resources make the work harder or slower than we would wish and energy can be very low sometimes too, we need to rest sometimes (I guess?:). However, being on the road, givig workshops and meeting new people, getting and giving new ideas are always refreshing, even when exhausting and intense! So shortly will follow some photos I still owe:) in the meantime some of us are having a great time in Cyclocamp, in Leipzig, while others are collecting materials and the we’ll change locations/countries at least, and a crew will make the Bicycle Film Festival in Vienna more colourful, while another will go around Germany another round, Freiburg and Berlin, to join our forces again in Vienna and open a workshop space in a fix location with regular opening times!

stay tuned!:)

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