Bikesexual @ Budapest pride

Tour de Bikesexuelle took a trip east as well, and gave a workshop at the Budapest pride. It was a bit terrifying, mostly because of the usual right wing, homophobic, transphobic and sexist insults and threats that surrounds Budapest pride since a few years now. The bikesexual workshop got also some (unwanted) attention from the hungarian online media, bicycle blogs, fashion sites and sex sites. It was a bit scary mainly cause, as usual, tabloid magazines tend to use catchy phrases, making exaggeration to the extent that any simply discussion can be called outrageous, pervert, abnormal etc. Interestingly, most of these articles starts with that, how unbelievably weird program, how not sexy they find grease on used bikeparts etc., then they go on with something like “we though it’s a joke” and then turn from this not writing any content, just making things sound crazy so they actually get a number of readers, so they turn to quoting the program or rephrasing, luckily not with much difference from what actually the program offers. Although it’s quite clear there is a serious lack of sexual education among the people writing about sexuality in the media (and elsewhere, btw.), not knowing at all what is transgender, forgetting to mention that the workshop is open only for women and transgender (or writing it’s for LGBT people which wasn’t even the case at all…), obviously not knowing what vegan is, or when they do, they don’t get that non-vegan, non-vegetarian people are also able and free to use vegan products, objects; and generally having the view that sextoys are limited to vibrators and dildos (phallocentric and penetration-centred view on sexuality, not to mention these toys are only supposed to penetrate women, and tendencially by men or for men’s pleasure). Also the general reaction is very male-sexuality centred (as in heterosexual, cis-man centred); I will not translate examples of these types of comments as reactions, as they are triggering and upsetting enough as a first read, and also because the point is not the actual single comments being sexist or heteronormative, rather than the whole picture of it.

Anyways, that was mainly the media, and the internet, and let’s not waste more time on the fact “there is someone wrong on the internet”:) The workshop was nice, cozy, and the whole Budapest pride (and the Eurogames before), finishing with the Pride march last Saturday, went down basically without any unwanted incident, the conflicts or arguments I witnessed were limited to loaded discussions and disagreements mainly among the LGBTIQ community (such as why there is a lack of acceptance of gay FTM transsexuals in the -cisgender dominated- gay male scene etc), there was no attack from outside, and the relatively few nazis, homophobes that tried to cause trouble during the Pride march were hardly even noticed because the police kept them really far away from us, and the only fights were therefore between these few nazis and the police. As a result 10 of the counter-demonstrators were arrested, and the police used apparently tear-gas to make them go away at the end.

After all it has been a fabulous week, with fabulous people, lots of discussions, and parties, rainbows and all that what belongs to Pride, and everything that doesn’t at least stayed outside of the fences, maybe next year it will stay at home! (homophobia belongs in the closet! I don’t care how you hate, just do it on your own, don’t bring it out to the streets, our kids might see it, it’s pervert!:)

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