Report from Tour de Bikesexuelle 2012 Berlin & Göttingen

9 days, 3 cities, 4 workshops, ~100 participants.

so, I was so busy (and the battery of my laptop died, so no matter I had time during travelling) I didn’t finish to give feedback an update about the trips in Germany, Berlin and Göttingen.

Which is a shame because it was amazing! I went from Leipzig Ladyfest to Berlin, and gave workshops at be_cunt, a sexparty in Kreuzberg for lady_z and trans*, and in Schwarzer Kanal, a queerfeminist Wagenplatz (my favourite of all of them), where the same time the bike repair workshop was open. Both workshops were amazing, though unfortunately the first one it was very hot, and dark, which made it a bit difficult to work, but we managed, making lot’s of different whips, and some tried it out right there, live:) I even helped out someone who was in a desperate and urgent need of a whip (and couldn’t make it herself being handcuffed already:) The second, in Schwarzer Kanal was the same time while the bike workshop was open, which was nice, having a vice (schraubstock) and other random materials just there, it was very spontaneously organised, still it worked out quite well! I haven’t really made photos, for the usual reasons (privacy, intimacy, darkness, dirty hands etc), I just made photos at other places I visited and wanted to report on – because they are really cool! In any case, you visit Berlin, I highly recommend be_cunt even to just joining for a drink, or maybe more, if you feel like:) very transfriendly, and respectful crowd, nice place, great equipment! And for sure Schwarzer Kanal deserves a visit for sure! it’s a bit hard to find, but worth it! The bikeworkshop has their own blogsite, and is open Wednesdays!

Other than that, in Berlin, I mean there is sooooo much queerfeminist stuff I wish I could have stayed a few month! I guess I will visit again:) Anyways, I left some zines for making harnesses at Other nature (an alternative sexshop), where you can find vegan whips made by Anton Blume made from bicycle inner tubes and various materials for handle (among works from other diy designers, artists, such as the amazing Trouble-X, and vegan harness made from rubber (not bike inner tubes, I guess not recycled but I’m not sure) made by Sam, for quite fair prices. and lot’s of other stuff you usually find in sexshops, lubricants, condoms, dildos, vibrators etc, but also packers and breast binders for FTM, tombois, drag kings etc.:) Oh how I love Berlin!

I also visited the unique shop in north-Berlin, the Upcycling Fashion store. It’s an absolute unique place, it is a Pop-up store so far, but let’s hope they stay longer, it’s great idea, having different kinds of upcycling designs available in one place. We need one like that in Vienna too!

Then I went to Göttingen, to Antifee festival. They were totally professional in organising, and made a great program, and had again great vegan food everywhere! (of course in Berlin too, namm hmmm) It was less people in the workshop as in Leipzig (actually, that was better, it was way too much there), so at some point I had a bit of time to take some photos of working process finally:) And of the fabulous and totally mindblowing show of Mad Kate and the Tide. There were lot’s of great artists and activists there, I had unfortunately not much time to visit other workshops, even performances or parties, it’s a shame because they were probably all great.

My tour this time in Germany started with arriving in Leipzig and the first show I saw was a Burlesque made on the same day (!) in a workshop with something like 8-10 people (!) totally amazing, and the last performance I saw before I left Göttingen was Mad Kate and the Tide, that had burlesque elements and dancing and changing masks and identities and so on, and great music as well. Wow it was such a great time!

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