An.schläge makes interview with Bikesexual

Lea Susemichel made an interview with me for the An.schläge feminist magazine. The whole interview is in german, maybe later when I get a break I will have time to translate it. It’s about the principles of the project, how it started, what things we are doing, most of it is already here and there in different posts on the blog:) There is also some funny extra stuff like for example elaborating on the connections between feminist cyborg theories, reusing bike parts to make sextoys and the anticapitalist symbolism of zombies and eating up waste-society! And also comparing cars to macho sexist behaviour and oppression and heteronormative oppressing and bad quality pornography; on the other hand drawing the parallels between riding bikes and dancing🙂 And of course that feminist, self-conscious and self-empowered people are better in sex! Wow, I’m so excited about this! I finally know what to say when a macho bikefreak sexist person will try to show off his* talents, tools or whatever and be cool, I can compare him* to a car or an SUV, cause it’s so true, cars are used as power symbols, just as macho sexist behaviour. I don’t know how I haven’t thought about this before, it’s so clear now!

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