Bikesexual needs space

We have been looking for a workshop space in Vienna the last year non-stop, without any luck, it’s time to take the second step and shout it out what we want and how we imagine it to run and what for anyways! (diese Post ist verfügbar auf Deutsch)

We want to have an open/semi-open upcycling workshop, a working space with enough tools, collected (not chaotically, randomly piled up, but controlled, cleaned, organised) materials, with regular, reliable opening times and with people who help out, teach and who know what they are doing. Now, materials, tools, ideas and people and knowledge we already have, the only thing missing is a space for it! We have all these things spread out in the city, and more materials and tools offered by people and companies and associations, but we have nowhere to meet, to store all this stuff, and to make new things out of them, all the workshops take place in various locations – which is great too, but it’s not enough, when there is nowhere to come from to the other places. All the people who visit the workshops ask for opportunities to meet again, to finish what they started, to make something new, to repair or remake something they have and don’t want to throw away.

The city of Vienna, especially the Green party talks a lot about temporary usage of empty spaces, and there is a lot of places, shops, flats, basements, old warehouses, storage rooms etc. empty all over Vienna, in private and in public property as well. And it’s not like we need 3000m2 or something, basically any space would work for us. Of course having daylight would be great, but we are also used to “challenging” working conditions, like working with tiny things in artificial light, heating with wood (or nothing…), being in basements that are a bit too damp.

We work with things that are thrown away, and it’s important to know, none of it are dangerous materials! We also don’t make much noise (the loudest thing could be a sewing machine, normal household machines, stuff like that), and take care not to disturb neighbours etc. We don’t make any crazy mess or dirt, dust either. We would be happy to have a space that needs renovation, as we have all skills and motivation to work on it anyways! We would be also happy to work in a community or network, with other workshops, ateliers, artists and projects, but it’s also fine to be on our own. It’s very important to have access or possibility for building access to water and electricity, and not to be in the middle of nowhere at the end of the city somewhere. (Our favourite would be 15. or 16. district of Vienna but anything goes:) We are able to fill a space with one room to six if there is, we can share it with other groups, too big space will never be an issue! The rest doesn’t matter.

Financially right now we are between completely fuckedup and very poor, so our financial options go from not paying anything up to covering energy costs and utilities (betriebskosten). During the regular opening times of course we could ask for donations, but that would be surely not enough to pay rent, it would maybe cover costs of tools and energy costs. It’s very important for us to have a non-profit, non-commercial project – each person who comes to the workshop can make something for herself or himself, and as it’s their work put into it, their ideas and wishes realised, it’s their decision how they want to support the project and the space, be that nothing, or cleaning up or giving a euro or two, so we can get new tools, change a lightbulb, print flyers and so on.

There is so much stuff thrown away and so many new things bought at the same time, it’s time to break that crazy cycle of buying and wasting, and instead reuse and upcycle, repair and create! Stop making trash, use it and wear it instead! Thanks for supporting us by forwarding this to people and groups etc. who could help us!

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