Ladyfest Graz newsupdate

Tour de Bikesexuelle 2012 was at it’s next station, holding a sextoy workshop at Ladyfest Graz! I didn’t make  a lot of photos during the workshop itself, on one hand because it’s kind of a private, personal experience, for all participants, and I didn’t want to disturb the intimacy of it by flashing lights in the basement, on the other hand I was, as usual, covered with dirt, grease and glitter, jumping around with tools and trash in my hands:) Grease, rubber and glitter, hmmm, best combination ever!:) anyways, the workshop and the festival was great, we all had so much fun! A lot of thanks and respect for the Ladyfest organisers in Graz, such a small group, so much to do, so little to sleep I suppose, thanks for all you work, without you it wouldn’t have been possible for us to have so much fun, discussions, workshops, films and parties! Oh and I shouldn’t forget, the Pastinaken – the best vegan food (ok, one of the best, Pogo café in London is also great:) they are opening a vegan restaurant in Graz, the first vegan restaurant in the city, next month, and they cooked for the Ladyfest, sooo yummy!

Bikesexual was so inspired, it seems every workshop is a Whip-update – so the next thing to do is write a whip-how-to zine, of all the different types of handmade, vegan, upcycled whips, how they look like, how they are made, how strong they bite:) So stay tuned, we come with a new zine, hopefully soon, with photos and drawings, with the simplest household tools and materials done!

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