Photos from Edelstoff Designmarkt 01

We met some amazing people, the athmophere was great, cosy, light, good coffee (no vegan cupcakes:( the artists, designers and collectors were all pretty unique and special, the visitors and shoppers were nice, it was great fun to meet all these people. We sold some stuff, but have more left, so have a look at Yopenplatz 3 (open fridays and saturdays, the next two weekends there is great program, street festival etc, as well as SOHO in Ottakring, worth to check it out!), and next month in the 7. district in Vienna at Hausverkauf in ContraMASS and Nähsalon. Interestingly the whips made everyone curious, and many people tried it out (mostly on themselves), but noone dared to buy it:D

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