Back in Vienna, greetings from Oldenburg, heading to Ankerbrotfabrik Vienna!!!

I’m back from Germany, I had a great time, with creative people, and I saw a wide range of collective spaces although Oldenburg is a relatively small city (after Vienna, at least): from wagenplatz to mainstream LGBT parties (in a strangely leftist-activist painted autonomous center with large slogans on the walls like “Fight lookism”; I was also at the self-organised bicycle repair workshop that is at the university, and at the Women-Lesbian-Transgender café place where the Bikesexual workshop took place. Again and again I am so motivated and inspired and excited with all the stuff people make during the workshops, the heurekas and revelations where they understand how to make something and ten minutes later they start explaining to another person like if they were born with it – because it’s often just really soooo simply, so why would you buy it for so much money just because it has the word “sex” in the name?

On the other hand, why wouldn’t you buy something for supporting an independent artist for reasonable (but fair) prices for example this weekend at the Ankerbrotfabrik, at Designmarkt Edelstoff? We are there all day saturday and sunday, and also at Yppenplatz today (and our stuff is there tomorrow as well).

See you in either places or any of the workshops coming up or yet to be annonced! If you want a workshop at your town, simply invite us, check the dates when we are busy here on the right:)

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