Tour de Bikesexuelle – on the way to Germany

As Bikesexual has no driving licence, neither a car (and not planning to get any of it either) and cause although riding a bike accross Europe all the time would be great, we cannot afford it, when it comes to timing mostly; so we end up taking trains and buses, or joining others who go in our ways anyway with cars, buses or whatever.

It’s incredible to see the alienated and absurd athmosphere of train- and bus stations, international transfer points, the plazas of getting from A to B a hermetically closed and separated boxes, with images shown of the way (on land or from the air, either way, a clear distance and a filtered, cultivated version of what you can actually see and what you can’t). Hitchhiking is not that different, it has more surprises, lower costs, and lower to zero ecological footprint – which is definitely an important element! What long distance travels – well, in the western world, basically almost all kinds of travels, most of the time – have in common is that they all take place in a planned net of roads, highways, railways and airways, be that even a bikeroad, we go on a map, go in between places built to make us move faster, more comfortably, more effectively, and definitely, very importantly, within the right classes and groups.

These international bus- and trainstations, and the buses and trains themselves are filled with fancy people with their Ipads and laptops, suits and their prepackaged sandwiches and salads that all look and smell the same. I feel strange here with a laptop that already has plastic parts broken off as bike parts have fallen over it while moving things and working, so the keyboard rather looks like the teeth of a long-term homeless back in Hungary, without insurance, and with a photo-camera I got from some freeshop years ago cause someone else didn’t need it anymore, and surprisingly it still works and everything. It’s like for first sight there is nothing awkward about me, I totally fit into the picture, maybe this pockerknife built in my combined pliers to eat vegan food on the way looks like I’m camping instead of being in transition like some weird astronaut in their uniform or something. And that my bags are 2/3 filled with tools and sextoys, which nobody knows (apart from a classic toolbox it’s not obvious, unless I start working on the way, which I might do a bit later:)

Throughout the years of hitchhiking I learnt more and more to pack light, so now I have the chance to fill all that space and carrying capabilities (I’m apologising for my back this way as well that I treat her so badly…) with tools and trashdesign. I don’t bring trash with me however, maybe just 1-2 tubes to tie things around or pass the time making something small, and small things that are hard to get but important to have. Hm, it seems as though throughout the years I haven’t learnt to write shorter… so I stop here now, cause all I really wanted to say is just that it feels absurd or at least very strange to be in spaces that are designed to be “non-places”, things and points where people just pass through, but that repeatedly and continously.

And all in all I am really excited about the workshop, cause it’s been a while, like half year, that I did an open, public workshop – of course small home and workshop visits, informal groups and inbetween conversations always happen, and they are great too. There is still something extra about a workshop, about people getting together who might not know each other, but have a common interest, getting to know new people, and the dynamics, and the creativity such a group process brings out from all of us, it’s so much joy to witness it, and to be a part of that! I love giving workshops!

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