Tour de Bikesexuelle step 2, supplies

We went to get supplies for the tour, we dived into piles in wholesale warehouses, scrapyards with old, broken cars, and plastic advertisement-canvases. The first piles, with some plastic buckles and metal pieces will be used in all those workshops to make sextoys, running around with bags of them (and another bag full of tools) in Germany, Austria, Hungary (maybe Copenhagen too?) and to whereever else we get invited:) watch out for updates! The latter, safety belts and waterproof canvases, well, they have a whole history, they are not even second hand, but third and fourth hand in fact, and we’ll make bags for cyclists and walkers hopefully really soon! In the meantime, Bikesexuality is still guests along with Kramuri Krimskrams & Klimbim @ Siebdruckeria showroom in Yppenplatz 3, 1160 Wien, open every Fr 11-19°°& Sa 11-15°

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