Tour de Bikesexuelle step 1 Komarom, Hungary

We went to Komarom (Hungary) last weekend to present our sextoys and recycled accessories and jewellery, at a festival called Mediawave, where they organised an exhibition about recycling art in an old military building. There was some really great and rare stuff at the exhibition, it was so much fun, I wish I could have stayed longer! It was also interesting to see the reactions of people, mostly being scared of the reactions, particularly of the conservative media, trying to hide things in a corner on the back, so it’s not too much “in the faces” of the visitors and the press. Nice feeling, being choosen to be part of an exhibition, and being invited, and then facing fear and contradictions. It’s however not any surprise, it’s very common, and questions are always welcome, with an honest interest in the answers:)

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