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Bikesexual needs space

We have been looking for a workshop space in Vienna the last year non-stop, without any luck, it’s time to take the second step and shout it out what we want and how we imagine it to run and what for anyways! (diese Post ist verfügbar auf Deutsch)

We want to have an open/semi-open upcycling workshop, […]

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Ladyfest Graz newsupdate

Tour de Bikesexuelle 2012 was at it’s next station, holding a sextoy workshop at Ladyfest Graz! I didn’t make  a lot of photos during the workshop itself, on one hand because it’s kind of a private, personal experience, for all participants, and I didn’t want to disturb the intimacy of it by flashing lights in […]

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Bikesexual “bastel dich was” stand am Yppenplatz

[ 25. May 2012; 13:00 to 20:00. 26. May 2012; 13:00 to 20:00. ] Basteln workshop! Bikesexual zeugs yuhuu
gleichzeitig (am Freitag) ist auch:

Morphodynamische Upcycling-Werkstadt-Bar
Do It Yourself Manufaktur Laboratorium
bei Marktstand ARGE Rosenauerwald, Nordzeile Yppenplatz

Initiative für soziotechnische Experimente und Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum zur Förderung und Verbreitung kultureller Vielfalt, nachhaltiger Lebensstile, Partizipation, Emanzipation, Empowerment, Resilienz und Solidarökonomie.

Heuer bekommen wir Besuch von Schülerinnen des BRG16 Schuhmeierplatz, die mit eigenen Siebdruck-Motiven für Textildruck […]

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Bikesexual workshop @ Schenke Die*nstag, Wien

[ 26. June 2012; 16:00 to 20:00. ] Bikesexual: vegan DIY sextoys from recycled bicycle parts
Learn how to make a harness, handcuffs, a collar, a whip or just a bracelet or jewelery, all from broken bicycle parts, with simple techniques, to make your sex life as dirty, as cheap and as green as you like, and to go beyond the limits of what […]

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Photos from Edelstoff Designmarkt 01

We met some amazing people, the athmophere was great, cosy, light, good coffee (no vegan cupcakes:( the artists, designers and collectors were all pretty unique and special, the visitors and shoppers were nice, it was great fun to meet all these people. We sold some stuff, but have more left, so have a look at […]

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Bikesexual workshop @ Göttingen, Antifee festival

[ 15. June 2012 to 17. June 2012. ] Sextoy workshop, exact details come soon.

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Hausverkauf beim Contramass and Naehsalon, Wien 1070

[ 22. June 2012 to 24. June 2012. ] Im Juni gibts nen netten Markt im Nähsalon & der contraMASS Galerie. Mehr dazu findet ihr auf dem HouseVerkauf Blog.

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some photos recently

Just cause I love these pictures!

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Back in Vienna, greetings from Oldenburg, heading to Ankerbrotfabrik Vienna!!!

I’m back from Germany, I had a great time, with creative people, and I saw a wide range of collective spaces although Oldenburg is a relatively small city (after Vienna, at least): from wagenplatz to mainstream LGBT parties (in a strangely leftist-activist painted autonomous center with large slogans on the walls like “Fight lookism”; I […]

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Tour de Bikesexuelle – on the way to Germany

As Bikesexual has no driving licence, neither a car (and not planning to get any of it either) and cause although riding a bike accross Europe all the time would be great, we cannot afford it, when it comes to timing mostly; so we end up taking trains and buses, or joining others who go […]

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