Monatsarchive: April 2012

I love trash!

It’s amazing how much free (as in empty, abandoned, wasted) space, how much trash and unused stuff is lying around in the world! I am in Komárom now, in Hungary, next to the Danube, setting up the exhibition at Mediawave filmfestival. Soon I go back to Vienna and then on the way to Oldenburg, in […]

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Tour de Bikesexuelle 2012 spring-summer

It’s been a month I posted something here, but in the background, behind the curtains I’ve been working and preparing like a crazy workhorse, cause I go on tour in a few hours, travelling around in Europe, making workshops, exhibitions and markets, meetings. At the same time we have a constant Bikesexual presence in Vienna, […]

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Edelstoff Designmarkt Wien

In May 12-13, in the old Anker bakery (Anketbrotfabrik) in the 10. district. For more see the Designmarkt Edelstoff facebook page! See you there!


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