Tour de Bikesexuelle 2012 spring-summer

It’s been a month I posted something here, but in the background, behind the curtains I’ve been working and preparing like a crazy workhorse, cause I go on tour in a few hours, travelling around in Europe, making workshops, exhibitions and markets, meetings. At the same time we have a constant Bikesexual presence in Vienna, in Yppenplatz 3, in a shop we share with Siebdruckeria who are making silkscreen printed tshirts, buttons, patches etc, and Flo&O who sell private stuff that’s worth to browse through as well. The shop is open on fridays and saturdays (and might be open on other days every now and then, randomly, when any of us feels like hanging out there, or has something to do:) So while I am on the way, Herriet, our self-built bikestand hold things in place here. So, Herriet, be good while I am going around taking over the world, will you? 🙂 I will keep you informed how it’s going, and bring souvenirs, don’t worry.

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