Monatsarchive: März 2012

Flohmarkt / Fleamarket @ Café Gagarin

Cafe Gaga:rin, Garnisongasse 4, 1090 Wien ( )
Eintritt Frei
Privater Flohmarkt im Kosmocafe Gaga:rin – ab jetzt jeden zweiten Freitag des Monats 13-20h!  Musikkassetten, Schallplatten, Bücher, Comics, Zeitschriften, Fotos, Ansichtskarten, DVD’s, Videos, Shirts, Aufnäher, Buttons, Fahrrad-Komponenten und Cyclisti-Devotionalien. Schnickschnack und Nützliches.

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Bikefestival canceled but that doesn’t mean we disappear!:)

I had to cancel the market at the Bikefestival this weekend, because I’ve spent way too much time in hospital and then in bed with tea in my hands, instead of at the workbench with tools in my hands… That’s pretty sad, because it would have been so much fun. But slowly, I am coming […]

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List of fabrics – vegan or not?

So here is an exhausting list of different kinds of fabrics, textiles and what they are made of. „V“ stands for vegan, „N“ for non-vegan, and „N/V“ is where under the same name one can have vegan and non-vegan things as well, so it’s best to ask  for the exact sources if possible. Questionmarks are […]

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On a sidenote, a not exactly upcycling project

Sooo, I have been very busy actually, although that’s not how it looks like here or on facebook, cause I have been writing and reading a lot and so on:) but that was for a huge part because I had all the time just sitting in front of the computer, not as if I had […]

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Bikesexual workshop @ Ladyfest Leipzig

more infos on facebook and on the website / mehr info auf facebook und auf die homepage
Bikesexual: vegan DIY sextoys, jewelery, and whatever else you want from broken bikeparts!
Learn how to make a harness, handcuffs, a collar, a whip or just a bracelet or jewellery, all from broken bicycle parts, with simple techniques, […]

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