Bikefestival canceled but that doesn’t mean we disappear!:)

I had to cancel the market at the Bikefestival this weekend, because I’ve spent way too much time in hospital and then in bed with tea in my hands, instead of at the workbench with tools in my hands… That’s pretty sad, because it would have been so much fun. But slowly, I am coming out (of bed – pun intended:) and there are other markets coming up as the sun is rising higher and longer, as people start eating icecream out in parks! So the next place you will find us (apart from the regular fleamarket in Café Gagarin) is in May 12-13, in the old Anker bakery (Anketbrotfabrik) in the 10. district. For more see the Designmarkt Edelstoff facebook page! See you there!



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