On a sidenote, a not exactly upcycling project

Sooo, I have been very busy actually, although that’s not how it looks like here or on facebook, cause I have been writing and reading a lot and so on:) but that was for a huge part because I had all the time just sitting in front of the computer, not as if I had nothing else to do, rather that I couldn’t. I was sick, I was at hospital too and so on. Part of me wants to go doing women’s health workshop instead of or apart from DIY sextoy workshops (hah, I might even do it at some point). I wanted to share a much more positive outcome of it all, it’s a sweet, hairy, cuddly stuffed animal, that embodies the polyp (sort of like an octopus, seriously:) I had to get taken out. She has eight legs, upcycled eyes by combining a white and a black button, and the stuffing is made from old broken t-shirts. The outside parts are vegan, but unfortunately bought – I really wanted something soft and hairy and purple, and it’s sometimes hard to get. She sits here now, watching the room quietly, she is harmless, and the toy is made also to represent the harmlessness of different kinds of growth people have, that for one reason or another the medical system decides it is not supposed to be there, it’s not part of a “normal” body.

Because of this sickness I had not much time to produce anything, or to collect materials, run around transporting them, but hopefully soon that’s going to change very soon.

So here is she:)

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