Sexuality fixed in the garage – the Rubberwoman

A press review from written after the workshop held in Budapest (translated from hungarian to english)

You always wished for sextoys, but you didn’t have the money? Or you live in a small town and there is no sexshop? Or you perhaps like the animal world and you’re shy? Then it’s time for you to make your own toys from bicycle parts. Rheta showed us, how to do it.

I was totally electrified, jumping into a crowd of cca. 300 lesbians at the 6. Lesbian Identities Festival in Budapest, Hungary.

I start with the last day, the most slippery one:

on sunday, in a small group we watched and tried out how to make from all sorts of bicycle parts a strap-on dildo, blithesome whip or, oh my god, handcuffs. My first thoughts we that for sure I won’t bring this to my bed, when I looked at all the dirty inner tubes and greasy chains, moreover not to try them out with a brave lesbian, but later I realised somehow this isn’t even the main goal. Some motivated and some curious lesbians made piquant toys, or knocked down taboos so to speak, not to have someone else telling us what is an appropriate sexual behaviour or practice.

The day before at the festival Dóra Mester Djamila sex-educator had a sentence that was great to hear: a pussy is considered either to be some sort of mystic door to heaven or a disgusting whatever, but we don’t have any ordinary idea about this bodypart. A pussy-idea that shows whats there without exaggeration, mystifying or euphemism. As if we were just looking at our hands of feet.

Sexuality has to be raised

up to the open social discourse and it should be emancipated from the dual discourse of the vulgar media and the repressive sphere of intimacy”, I’m reading on the website of Ars Erotica Foundation, where Dóra Mester professional leader explains, why do we need this. I will highlight one sentence: The problems in public sphere are connected with sexual attitudes, and that’s why we call for an open social dialogue without prejudices.

If someone doesn’t know what problems are we talking about: abortions, the high number of unwanted pregnancies in teenage years, prostitution, the crisis of marriage or homophobia. The results of superficial knowledge of sexuality patched up with friends in the back sheds.

And if I’m already there, in 2007 Romania had the highest numbers of deaths in abortions in Europe. In the country in 1990 nearly one million, 2002 half million curette has been recorded and these are only the official numbers. We can be really proud to be in the first on the list of countries by their number of abortions on juveniles.


I’m not saying that these problems will be solved by fabricating sextoys, but this is also a way to bring sexuality into everyday life. A bicycle way. At this workshop with the title Bikesexual: vegan diy sextoys from recycled bikeparts, we made toys not only to break down some taboos.

The workshop was held by Rheta, who lives in Vienna, and she said she likes using handmade things, that you have to throughly cleaned before using, so we clean it in the washing machine for example. But let’s see how to make some sexual accessories from broken, thrown away bicycle components. Click on the picture to see more:

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