How-to make your own harness zine

You can download, read on screen or print (A5) here the zine with illustrations and simple tutorial about how to make your own harness out of bicycle inner tubes, old bicycle chain pieces and a few more bits and pieces!

Learn to make your own harness!

You always wanted a harness, but it was too expensive, too much animals died for it, you were too embarrassed to go into a shop in daylight downtown, it wasn’t the size or shape you wanted, or you wanted to make it yourself, then here is the time, stop postponing!

What will you need?

* broken bicycle inner tube
* buckles
* old bicycle chain parts
* a ring or a used bicycle cog for the dildo

* a chain tool
* a hole punch tool
* a locking pliers
* scissors
* something to clean with, like an old cloth, sponge, toothbrush

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