Hello world!

so this site is gonna be a collection of all kinds of DIY upcycling art projects I am working on with description of how I made it, why I used certain materials or techniques etc. It’s mostly hand-made sextoys, from broken, trashed bicycle parts, but also clothes, accessories, bags and jewellery, combining materials and techniques of all kinds! It’s all vegan (except when I find and use broken pieces of leather, very rarely, but never buy it, not supporting the killing industries!), and self-made, ecological, and cheap. I make workshops and teach the know-how, and I also make stuff for order, if anybody wants. However, no shipping for long distance. I’m based in Vienna, Austria, but I travel around a lot in Europe, if you want me to do a workshop at some event, drop me a line, my email is bikesexual[at]riseup[dot]net.

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